Golf is an interesting game which I like very much. I'm going to stop saying I love the game, because the Holy Bible says to not love the things of the world. 

Golf in itself is a silly game where people hit a ball around some field and try to get it into a small hole. In this respect, golf is really irrelevant compared to eternal life and doing God's will in a sinful world under the curse of sin and death, which is to save souls by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

With this said, this site is going to be a bit different than then idol worshiping golf sites you're used to reading and watching. Personally, I believe golf has become over-hyped and full of proud puffed up players and people who have very little wisdom. To think so well of oneself because you can hit a ball around a field better than most golfers is actually very sad.

I want this site to detail my journey playing amateur and pro tournaments, as well as giving a point of view maybe not heard anywhere else. I use persimmon clubs and blade irons from 1958, and believe the only way I'll have success with golf is if Jesus wants me to. 

I want to explore the hidden things in golf and reveal the vanity of the modern golfing world. The reason: to bring sincerity and integrity to the game and remind people it's really simply a silly game that should never be taken too seriously. If you like what this site is about, please subscribe and/or donate, thank you:

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