Bogey Golf is Par Golf for Most Golfers

On the typical par 72 course, bogey golf would be a 90, or +18. For most golfers, this is the actual par for the course.

Anything shot under 90 is like shooting under par. Maybe not the happiest with an 89, +17, yet it is under 90.

If shoot a 12 under, that would be a 78, +6. On any given golf day, if I could shoot a 39 on 9 holes or 78 on 18, I would be playing very well, as would most other golfers if keeping score correctly.

So, why does the average golfer expect to shoot around par, instead of around bogey?

There is another level from breaking 90 to breaking 80 consistently. That level is achieved by talent and skill. If you are low on one, have more of the other.

For some, the talent is too low for their skill and craft to compensate, therefore, they end up having the mind of a par golfer in expectations (considering their tireless effort and frustration), yet their actual skill will come short of achieving par golf.

Essentially, most golfers must go into hyperdrive focus to work out their golf game, breaking through to reach their potential. Working smarter and not harder, they gain discipline and confidence with their new approach and the positive results.

Golfing is a game of momentum. It is a mind game. Training the mind and body together to reach harmony with our potential takes a special effort that most people don’t take action to achieve, including me.

There were plenty of times I started on this path, yet the distractions and challenges of life kept me from taking the time needed.

Many times, it seems golfers don’t reach this level until they are retired and finally have the time and energy needed to figure their game out. Oh, then they wish they were younger! Remember, there are always senior events to play in.

I realize we can’t go around telling everyone we shot par golf when we shot +18 over. That would be considered cheating and I’m not advocating for that or changing the actual par to 90.

Things are good the way they are. Golfers love the game because of the impossible nature of it. Shooting par is exceptional, no matter how many people can do it or better — they still are the small minority of amateur and pro golfers in the world. Most of us are still struggling to break 100, 90, and 80.

Bogey for par golf is a consolation in perspective. While you may not have broken your record for the year or all time, nor did you scare breaking 80, you did shoot 6 under bogey par (84), not bad.

If you shoot over bogey par, in the 90s, then there is no consolation. Feel the pain.

Well, you broke 100. If it is the worst round, at least you are setting records.

I hope one day par will be par for me, until then, I have to think of stuff like this to help console my disappointment of being a consummate hacker.


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