How many golf courses are in Oregon?

This is a question that golfers in Oregon want to know, and sometimes searching for the simple answer is difficult. I’ve found a great resource where they have a detailed map of all the golf courses in Oregon, which may come in handy for those who like to travel around and try out new courses.

From this resource, I’ve counted a total of 208 golf courses in Oregon. And, for those interested to know, there are 59 courses east of the Cascade Mountains in Central and Eastern Oregon — most of those are in the Bend area, which has 29 golf courses.

I believe this Oregon golf course map is accurate, as it even has the small rural 9-hole golf course I work and play at in Christmas Valley.

The majority of the golf courses are located where the majority of Oregonians live, that is, in the area around Portland, which has a total of 76 golf courses.

Interestingly, the U.S. has a total of around 16,700 golf courses and the world has around 39,000 in total. That means the U.S. has around 43% of the world’s golf courses, and Oregon has about 1.3% of the golf courses in the U.S.

Those numbers are what you will normally find with multiple online sources, yet according to IBISWorld, there are 8,776 golf courses and country club businesses in the U.S. in 2023. Maybe the difference comes from many of these businesses owning multiple golf courses.

Originally published at NewsBreak


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