Me at Christmas Valley golf course  (home course)

Better Golfing Days was started by Robbie Newport in November 2015

This site was started to talk about a game I love to play. Besides being a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, I've been a golfer since the age of 12 -- been playing for 28 years now.  

I try to merge my love of God with my love of golf in the articles I write here. This task isn't always so easy to do; ultimately, golf is simply a game and the problems of sin and the world are much more important, yet the game still brings me joy and a way to relax in this uptight world -- and I believe God put a love for it in my heart for a reason.

The purpose of BGD is to help golfers play better, to analyze the game, to remember golfing history, and to help Christian golfers put the game in perspective with their faith. 

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Golf in Sincerity,  
- Robbie Newport

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