Ben Hogan Can Help You Play Better Golf

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   Golfers, are you still trying to break 100? 90? 80? 70? Well, consider taking a lesson or two from the great golfer Ben Hogan. Many consider Ben to be the best golfer of all-time although his record (9 Major wins) is surpassed in major Championships by others (Nicklaus- 18, Woods -14, Hagen -11). Nevertheless, Ben is one of the great golfers of all-time and there's much we can learn from him.

   Personally, Ben has helped me finally break 80 on a Par 72 course of considerable difficulty - a feat I've been trying to achieve for 24 years. How did I do it? I can simply tell you it was my grip! Ben's strong grip and swing helped me gain consistent power and accuracy enough to shoot a 7 over and barely break 80 with a wonderful 79 (at least to me). 

   I'm starting this Better Golfing Days website out with a page dedicated to Ben Hogan. I'll continue to add to it in the future, but if you want to learn about golfing history from one of the game's greats, watch the video.

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