Jordan Spieth: the Darling of the Wicked, Wins the Dean and Deluca 2016

screen shot of the PGA Tour Live App Jordan's Satanic Salute

 Jordan Spieth won the Dean and Deluca Invitational 2016 (what a dumb name), at the Colonial Country Club, famously known for Ben Hogan's prowess there among others. One thing I bet Ben Hogan never did, was flip a Satanic hand salute when he held the trophy, like Jordan was all to willing to do. Now, critics may say this was only a symbol of his Texas Longhorns college team, as this was his first Texas win – yet this is simply naive thinking.

This is the same Jordan Spieth who went to a Jesuit high school remember, plays golf with Satanist Skull and Bones member George Bush, and also plays golf with sell-outs like Tony Romo. Not surprising, he has this wry knowing smile on his young face, while flipping the Satanic salute after his win. Most likely, we'll see this sign more and more often from the young darling of the wicked.

Professional sports at the highest level anymore is nothing more than a distraction and a way to control the populace. It has nothing to do with a love for the sport it's representing. Golf is no different, as we can see with Jordan's signs.

See, Jordan isn't so ignorant to not understand what this sign he's making means in the Satanic world. The famous people he hangs out with flip this sign all the time, showing their allegiance to the Vatican led New World Order, which is a Satanic worshiping cult. 

Yes, they really do believe Lucifer is their god. While I would like to naively give Jordan a pass on this one as well, how can I – when it's so very blatant and obvious what he's doing? His eyes give it away, his face tells us he knows what this sign means.

This satanic salute is so very important for the occultic elite to see, in order for Jordan to be accepted and the new darling of the wicked. They watch for these signs, and communicate with each other through signs like these. This is why this photo was taken to memorialize this victory at the Dean and Deluca Invitational this year of 2016. What a proud moment for the satanic elite...

Let me ask you Christians, have you ever heard a professional golfer (Christian) speak about the Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East? Have you ever heard them speaking about how Christian establishments are being discriminated against by the LGBT movement in the U.S., which is backed by the government? Have you ever heard any Christians on the PGA Tour talk about anything beyond their scripted lines...?

No...instead they're like robots, deathly afraid to speak up about what's really going on in the world. Afraid of their sponsors taking away their money, or the Tour suspending them from playing. They fear man and not God, and thus are compromised and living a luke-warm Christian life.

The PGA Tour and other similar pro tours, are completely driven by sponsorships and money, and not the love of the game. Anyone who really loves the game isn't going to use a driver the size of a basketball, and $1000 range finders...modern golf is not golf anymore – it's a video game full of crybabies and sell-outs.

Jordan Spieth is a good poster child for this modern golf world, and a great darling for the wicked to pat on the back. Yet, of course, in order to deceive we must put on "airs" of compassion and goodness, of course. Just look at the Freemason Shriners, they even have a children's hospital. Anyone who understands what Freemasons are about at the top level understands how wrong this is – esp. the wicked Shriners...

Yet, most people don't understand what Freemasons are about, and they don't care to know either. As long as they can pretend everything is wonderful and good, as long as there is someone to sell-out to for money, as long as Satan protects their wealth and stuff on this earth – even if it means hell for eternity.

How trite this world really is, when it only last for at most a hundred years. It's amazing people simply sell their souls so easily, and disregard the truth of Jesus Christ and the truth of this wicked world.

How trite and meaningless this modern golf world is, full of sell-outs and people afraid to speak anything out of line. How uninspiring and dull this world really is...Jordan Spieth and Jason Day are great ambassadors of this for are the others.



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