Hit the Ball With a Wallop!

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This year has been the year of the persimmon woods and Hogan blades for me, and unfortunately, I've played some pretty sorry golf – not doing justice to my sticks. The best score I shot was a 14 over and the worst was 29 over, and most of the time I was right around 20 over.

I've had more fun playing golf with my old sticks than I've had since the 90s when I played with persimmon woods because I was too poor to buy a new set. The new set I finally bought my senior year were Voits – generic clubs.

My swing is better than ever and my putting stroke, I don't care what the scorecard says. I've also grown very weary of professional golf and the idolatry around it. Truly, the modern game makes me sick. The entire sports world is just a distraction from the Jesuits anyway, completely controlled by freemasons, Jesuits, the Vatican, and ultimately Satan – who they worship. This fact is lost on 99.99% of the idol worshiping fans and players, but Not on me though...

Nevertheless, I just can't help but work on my swing for the next men's club, whether that's next week, month, or year. And, usually, I always figure something out that I think is the secret that'll right the double bogey ship. This time, it's a bit different and I thought I'd share.

Hit the ball with a wallop!

That's right, I'm practicing a new swing where I hit the ball on my full swing with everything I got! I'm so excited to give it a try, because if I ever get a hold of the ball with the swing I've been practicing – it's gonna go 350 yards! Well, maybe just 300, but I'm only 140lbs and using persimmon woods from the 70s!

I'm just tired of hitting it half-hearted and "smooth", wishing and dreaming it will work out. Half of the time I miss hit it anyway off the tee, so why not just try to hit it with a John Daly type of wack!

Practically speaking, this swing actually is really sound, it seems my timing is much better when I just swing as full and hard as I can. Another aspect to this is my mind is just fearless and almost angry, a controlled angry swing that gets my frustrations out. Hey, even if I hit it O.B., it'll still be fun to watch it when I hit it so hard. Wack!

The last time I went out I thought I was ready to shoot well, ended up shooting a 93 (+22 over). That did it for me, cause I was hitting my driver like a complete duffer. Now, I'm just gonna give it a wallop!

I just don't care anymore where it goes, where ever it ends up I'll give it another right wallop and on and on...this should be the most fun I've had in a long while!


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