The End of the World and the Game of Golf

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As a Christian who believes we are living in the end of the end days, Biblically speaking, and who's an avid golfer and golf historian buff, I often have thoughts that are different than the mainstream golf culture – praise Jesus. One of these thoughts pertains to the vanity of golfers and fans who believe legendary status or the culture of golf in the world means anything at all.

Of course, this article will lend itself to being misunderstood by most people, yet the reality of our world and the Holy Bible must be considered by those who claim to be Christians; and even those who don't believe and follow Jesus Christ must concede that there's a real possibility of the world as we know it ending in some nuclear war.

The End of this World

The Bible speaks of the world as a man-made construction ruled by Satan; the world is different than the earth and the creations within the earth that God made. The world is essentially the Beast system being formed around us, which is at enmity with Father God.

The world and those that don't love the Truth (Jesus Christ), thus believe in lies, will be destroyed at the second coming of Jesus Christ with fire.

What this means is: the golf world, including the history of the game, will be destroyed with fire as well – this includes the golf hall of fame.

Now, anyone who's being honest with themselves will discern that the end of this world is not very far away. All we have to do is look at the progress of the Beast system, which is being connected daily through technology.

One day, the Mark of the Beast will be required to buy and sell, and this will be accomplished through Internet technology.

Once this happens, the second coming of Jesus Christ is very near.

Anyone who's being honest with themselves and isn't trying to save their lives in this cursed world will agree that if this technological “progress” continues at the pace it has in the last couple decades, our world is very quickly going to turn completely into a satanic, robotic wonderland.

Basically, with the exponential progress being made with online technology, AI, and robotics, it's not hard to see the end is near. All we have to ask ourselves is: can we imagine this world continuing as it is for even 20 more years?

With the anti-Christ spirit (satanic) rising and being embraced by the majority of the world, the fabric of society is being destroyed. The family unit is disintegrating, morality is being lost, sins are abounding, and hope is being lost rapidly as lies prevail and the truth is censored and persecuted.

Basically, everything is getting worse in this world, except maybe how far golfers can hit their drives and long irons.

End of the World = The End of the Golf World

The end of this world also means the end of the golf world. In the sports world this type of thinking isn't allowed to surface to the masses because the evil rulers are using sports to distract the masses from reality, yet nevertheless, this end is near for the game of golf (unless there's golf in heaven).

For those that understand this, pretending legendary status and golf records matter is futile and vain.

Of course, there are many ignorant people who surround themselves with this fantasy golf world and have fooled themselves to think golf will go on forever, but they're only fooling themselves and those who live in fantasy land too.

The closer we get to this inevitable end, the more the masters of illusion try to get us to think otherwise, yet anyone who's being honest with themselves (very few people) will agree that there's a huge disconnect with reality and the modern fantasy golf world so many subscribe to.

Golf is Already Dead

Maybe you've suspected this as well, yet haven't dared to articulate it. The game of golf is already dead when it comes to professional golf. 

Technology, sponsors, and money have absolutely ruined professional golf, and since pro golf is the climax of the golfing culture and world, then the entire game of golf, in formal settings, has been ruined.

This ruination, in my opinion, happened in the early 90s. The pinnacle of golf was the 80s; this was when golfers played because they loved the game apart from the culture and money. There wasn't enough money and fame in the game yet to draw all the vain superficial players that make up the majority of pro golfers today – Brooks Koepka being a prime example.

Modern pro golf is as boring as the rich millionaires that play it.

Although I do subscribe to PGA Tour Live, I can't stand watching modern golf anymore. When I do watch golf I go to YouTube and watch the major tournaments of the past before 1990.

Basically, when metal woods became prevalent, golf started to decline; when players started only wearing sponsorship clothing and logos, golf started to decline.

Let's face it, modern golf is dead.

The last Ryder Cup proves this point. Instead of the golf world talking about golf, they only wanted to talk about the drama of Patrick Reed, Dustin Johnson, and Brooks Koepka – oh, and Gretzky's daughter. 

This is how golf has been of late, so boring and uninspired the media has to make up soap operas to keep people entertained.

See, anytime large amounts of money are involved, the lovers of money, the whores of money come running. Modern golf is controlled and made up of whores of money, this is why the game has become as boring as watching paint dry and pundits have to make up soap operas to keep people watching.

Legends of Golf

The only true legends of golf are in the past; unless there's a modern golfer who declines the sponsorships and starts talking and acting like a real human being, the modern censored and controlled game of golf will never produce legends – this includes Tiger Woods.

The only legends are those who played golf because they loved the game. Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, Arnold Palmer, Billy Casper, Lee Trevino, Gary Player, Bernard Langer, Seve Ballesteros, Johnny Miller, Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Nick Faldo, Tom Watson, Payne Stewart, Paul Azinger, David Graham, Greg Norman, Fuzzy Zoeller, and many more golfers from the past.

Yet, even these golfers who played with persimmon woods and clothing that didn't show their allegiance to money are still just legends for a short time until the end comes. Also, many of these would also have sold out to money in the same way modern golfers have as well. Really, the problem is that secret society satanist control and run the game of golf and always have.

The problem for golf is it's been used as a tool by the New World Order to distract the masses from the evil agenda of the wicked rulers. It's always been doomed to being vain and worldly. The problem is: being a legendary golfer is worthless in the end.

Does this mean golf is evil?

The game of golf isn't evil, yet the culture of golf is. If a person is idolizing and worshiping the culture of golf and aspiring to be a legendary golfer, this is a worldly pursuit that is vain and evil.

The game of golf is simply hitting a ball around a field into a small hole in a certain amount of strokes. This is just an exercise and past time, yet it's been turned into something to worship and idolize.

Besides, whether a golf legend or not, who cares when the world is going to be burned up with fire?

Golf and the Ends Times

Think about all the problems in the world and the direction humanity is taking; then think about how many people are idolizing and worshiping the game of golf. 

When a born-again Christian looks at the modern game of golf, how can we not think of it as a vain idol worshiping tool being used by Satan?

Just look at the amount of money these golfers make. It's absolutely absurd they make as much as they do when there are honest hard-working people who can't even afford a house to rent.

Ultimately, the culture of golf, including the hall of fame and the history of the legendary golfers of the past, will be burned up and destroyed when Jesus Christ returns.

The only thing that will matter then is if these golfers were born-again Christians or not, just like everyone other human being living in this doomed world cursed by sin.

Legendary golfer or not, the only thing that matters is our relationship with Jesus Christ. Basically, the only legends in life are those who have given their lives to Jesus Christ, not some silly game the world uses to distract the masses from reality.

I don't believe playing golf is a sin, nor being a professional golfer, yet being sold out in your heart to the culture of golf and letting it dictate your actions and thoughts rather than the Bible surely is. 

Also, I do appreciate golfers like Bernard Langer, Bubba Watson, Zack Johnson, Scott Simpson, Paul Azinger, Payne Stewart, Larry Nelson, and Gary Player who believe in Jesus Christ; I just wish they'd speak more openly and truthfully about their faith and the state of the world, and decline the sponsorships and influences that keep them silent or censored.  

The main point of this article is to help born-again Christians who enjoy golf to realize there will be no future legends in golf, as this world and the golf world will soon be nothing more than ashes.

Knowing this, we should put our treasures in heaven and avoid spending our time, money, and effort on vain worldly pursuits -- and, yes, I'm talking to myself as well. 


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