My 2019 Oregon Amateur Golf Season Recap

Aspen Lakes

     The 2019 amateur golf season for me is winding down here in December. In order to simplify, I just count my seasons by the golf played within the year, from Jan. to December. 

This year, officially, started on March 25 with my first recorded 18 holes, at Christmas Valley (CV) where I shot a 93 (+21). 

In total, I played 1,008 holes within a 7 months span of time.

I most of all want to thank Jesus Christ for my life and all good things, and my wife Fawn for being my strength, support, caddie, and photographer for this season. I love you so much my sweet beautiful lady! 

My wife Fawn

Also, I want to thank my mom and aunt who encouraged and supported my golf season very generously! God bless you -- thanks for the Yak leather golf shoes (I didn't even know what a Yak was before I had them), but they are awesome golf shoes -- check 'em out in the pics. 

OK, I'll give some stats and then talk about the direction God is leading with golf and life. 

(56) 9 hole scores
(28) 18 hole scores
Total: 1,008 holes

(4) Tournaments: 
- Aspen Lakes 18 hole OGA Individual Series stroke play, gross/net -- Open Division 24 golfers (81, +9 G, T8 place)(64, -8 N, 1st place, won $80 gift card)
Aspen Lakes

Aspen Lakes

Aspen Lakes

- Eagle Ridge 18 hole NWGG stroke play, gross/net --Couples Div. 30 golfers (94, +22 G, T13 place) (79, +7 N, T22 place).

Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge

- Public Links 36 hole OGA Championship stroke play, gross/net at Quail Valley in Banks OR-- Championship Division (very back tees, some of the top players in Oregon), 60 golfers (172, +28 G, T56 -- shot 89 and 83) (142, -2 N, T11, won $19 gift card)
Quail Valley

Quail Valley

Quail Valley

- Sunriver Associate Match Play Gross tournament, 18 holes played at Meadows Golf Course (where I've been a greenskeeper for the last 7 months) playing against the teaching pro in the first round, 10 golfers (lost 6 and 5, shot 98 +27, won 3 holes and halved one). Although this score doesn't look good, I was glad to have won three holes and halved one on the hardest hole against a professional golfer whose had experience in the mini pro tours.  

- Best 18 hole score: 81 (+9), Aspen Lakes OGA individual series event.
- Best 9 hole score: 38 (+2), Woodlands front 9, 18 hole score of 88. 

*1 eagle at Quail Valley in Public Links Tourny D#2
*3 birdies in 9 holes in CV (shot 40, +4)
*300 yard drive in the fairway in CV (shot 47, +11)
*13/14 FH at Brasada when playing with Meadows crew
*2 birdies in a row on the same 9 holes made 3 birdies, one of the many rounds played with Fawn as caddie and Bailey as bird hound. 
- Worst 18 holes: 101 (+30) Meadows 
- Worst 9 holes: 61 (+25) Meadows back nine on b-day
- Worst 18 holes in tournament: 98 (+27) Meadows in the SR Gross Associate Match Play


Obviously, Meadows, the very course I work at, has been beating me up this year. The best score I've shot there is a 97 (+26), yet individually on each 9, I've done better with a 42 (+7) on the front and a 42 (+6) on the back -- I've only been able to play 18 holes at Meadows 4 times, as it's a very busy course full of older people, golf carts, and foursomes -- a lethal combination for slow play. 

Also, to note, I shot in (3) 18 hole rounds against the Meadows crew, one at Crosswater from the Blues (90, +18), one at Brasada Ranch near Redmond (83, +11), and one at Pronghorn (Nicklaus course) (94, +23). 


To me, these were like tournament events, yet I conceded to ride in a cart at each course, as to not hold up the group with the difficult and spread about terrain (esp. at Brasada, cart golf at its best). These three rounds were the only time I rode in a cart for the entire year, as I always walk the course with my pushcart and believe true golf is played walking and not in a cart, unless disabled and otherwise can't walk. 

Interestingly, there is some controversy over my status with the OGA, and I might not be eligible to play amateur golf in Oregon next year. Specifically, I would be suspended from the OGA for a min. of one year for not contacting them with a no show. 

What happened is, that was the Monday after I played in the Public Links event, and with the unusually congested Portland traffic and inclement weather, combined with unrealistic time schedules and the tournament starting at noon, well, I had to cancel the tournament at the last moment, in order to get back home 6.5 hours away and work the next day early (5 am). 

Anyway, I didn't contact them, this was the issue. I should have emailed them on my phone, yet I didn't think it would be an issue. Well, I thought wrong, as it did violate one of their policies, and as such, I confessed my guilt and responded with a printed letter, as prescribed for the appeal, and stated the circumstances, etc. 

With the love of golf in mind, I'm sure the right outcome will prevail, whether for me to be eligible next year or not, as I was guilty of the infraction and will pay the penalty with dignity and humility. 

Still, God is in control and when we pay attention to what's in front of us, and put the puzzle pieces together with the Holy Ghost's leading (sincerely seeking and loving truth), we'll see the hand of God in our lives, as well as the enemies constant attacks. 

All I can do is the best I can, which sometimes people in this world think is great, while at other times they think it's lacking greatly. All I can do is put forth the same effort every time I work, play golf, etc. 

Golf is analogous to life in so many ways. As God helps me get on track, my golf game will get on track too. God is involved in the miraculous, and certain things are placed in our hearts for a reason. Sometimes the talent doesn't come easy, yet with God's will and enough faith shown in determination, patience, and trust, things can happen that didn't seem possible before. 

Maybe, this means my focus now needs to be on professional golf and not amateur anymore. This means the Pepsi Golf Tour and the Golden State Golf Tour in California. 

It also means God has to help me get good enough to shoot an average score right around Par, which is not where I'm at now. 

Now, I'm shooting around 3 to 6 over on 9 holes and 9 to 12 over on 18. So, I have a ways to go, yet these are on the Blue tees on hard courses as well. 

For what it's worth to my readers and fans, I just know my golf game after 28 years of playing the game, and I'm very close to where I need to be, in order to have a chance with professional golf. 
The last three years, specifically, may just be the last of my amateur testing ground, where I played at the River Ridge men's club for a couple years and then this year's season playing in 4 tournaments and playing the most golf of my entire 28-year career, or at least as much as when I was in high school at my most productive stage playing at CV golf course and on the high school team( 1A to 3A competitions), or in the Air Force when playing for our Squadron and trying to get better on the renown Hill AFB golf course.    

At 40 YOA, I don't have time to waste, if God is in it, it will happen, if not, it won't. All I know is God put it in my heart at a young age to always try to be a pro, no matter if never get good enough, always try!

That's what I'm still doing, after all these years, trying to be a professional golfer. Now that I can work as a greenskeeper and maybe a caddie at Bandon Dunes, I can get free golf and be able to afford practice, the latter  helping us to afford tournaments. 
Christmas Valley G.C.

My wife is in it with me, she loves to walk with me while golfing here in CV, to be my caddie and friend while getting some fresh air and good exercise for us and our black lab dog, Bailey. 
Christmas Valley

It's been a wonderful year for golf, here in CV and at Sunriver. While there are always other things going on in life, of course, golf has been a good way for me and my wife to get stronger and exercise, while providing a positive challenge to busy myself with. 

Christmas Valley

While golfing, I'm listing to my mp3 player, sermons and teachings almost every time I go by myself, which is most of the time. It's been great learning Historicism from Truth in History ministry, hearing sermons from Pastor Nickie Pinson in Texas and many other good Protestant preachers and audiobooks, talk shows, etc. 

It's been a great year for this Protestant Christian golfer, and I want to thank God, my wife, mom, aunt, and other family and friends that have been or will be on this journey in support with me. Praise Jesus. 

Ultimately, God has it in my heart to be a teacher of Protestant history and end times prophecy, (Historicism), and to show the love of God in my life.
Historicism involves many subjects and times, yet has been censored and eradicated from our thought by the powers to be for a nefarious agenda. 

Remember, this blog is for Christian golfers...and those interested in us peculiar people. 

Check out the Lowdown0 Network for more on that...

Working at Bandon Dunes is what I feel led to do, as a caddie or greenskeeper. If God opens the door and it works out, this will be a breakthrough for my golf game and our life as a married couple in love and under God. As of now we live in Bandon and are trying to make this a reality.

Any worldly success attained would be used to fund Protestant ministries and other helpful societal charities. Love is the answer.

We're not interested in making money for ourselves, and we believe God knows this about our hearts. If he blesses us in our lives with provisions, we will use them to help people in need and Protestant ministries grow and spread the truth -- including ours in small measure. 

As you can see, golf involves many things, in my mind at least. This type of article is what happens when I'm starved for time as a writer and have had so many great golfing moments and thoughts to talk about. Basically, I've been neglecting my writer side to feed the worker, while golfing occasionally when can. Considering I drive 80 miles to work one way, this has been a workman effort as well...

This is the 2019 amateur golf season recap for Robbie Newport. 

Main Conclusions:

- 2020 may be the first year as a professional golfer
- we're moving to Bandon area for me to work as a caddie or greenskeeper at Bandon Dunes Resort
- 2019 was the most golf I've ever played in one year (1008 holes +)
- Thankful to God and supporters, bless you!

Also, to note, if I ever do get good enough to play on a tour as a job, I won't accept sponsorship where I have to sign a contract. Only the purse winnings are what I want to win, I'll accept only no string attached gifts, as I believe God wants me to remain in his economy. This is a promise to my fans.

Another important comment, the type of pro golf season I'm talking about at first are short, such as the 2 week season and the 1 month season. Basically, with entry and living expenses, this would cost $2,500 and $5,000 respectively. 

Basically, until I can shoot around Par golf on average, I won't have a pro season on the Pespi and Golden State Golf Tours, just local competitions and men's clubs events. 

I believe the par game is in me, yet I know it will only happen if God opens the doors and gives the breakthrough. If it never happens, going where God leads is always better than our will. So, Lord willing on everything, let God's will be done in our lives, in Jesus Christ's name amen. 



  1. You have always been a writer a golfer and a believer in our Lord, with your faith he will lead you where you belong and A wonderful son. God Bless you on your journey.

  2. Thank you for that comment! It was a wonderful year to play some golf in my middle years, I thank God for the opportunity to chase the dream! I will continue to improve my golf game, yet it seems God is directing me to a career where I can help the homeless in the U.S. God's will is always the best dream to have. God bless in Jesus.


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