I’m Ashamed of the World of Golf for Submitting to COVID-19 Lies

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It's a circus out here.

Let’s pretend golf was a game of integrity, where those who played it in truth had such integrity to expose lies and hold fast to the truth, in the game of golf as in the world. This is what makes golf a special game played by gentlemen and ladies who don't have to have a referee or rules officials to play a match or even a tournament. Is this the same game that shuts down completely because of something less deadly than the seasonal flu?

Sorry to say, but the PGA Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, and the entire golf world around it have shut down for months, including the players and caddies, who are strangely silent about the destruction of our rights and economy for something less deadly than the seasonal flu, something they call the COVID-19 virus.

Even supposing one believed in the theoretical pathogenic air-born virus, they would have to concede to the truth of the numbers showing it to be nothing more than the seasonal flu; the same numbers given by those imposing these destructive, unfair, and aggressive measures upon the country and world. Specifically, that the COVID has a death rate of .26% (CDC), and has supposedly killed as many as the seasonal flu in America and the world in a regular year – this even if believe their fuzzy math and practice of calling nearly all deaths related to the flu COVID-19.

Essentially, the golf world has folded under this deception and propagated it without a protest. This is why I'm ashamed of the golf world. Where are the players, caddies, coaches, and others who love the game who also love the freedom that is needed to play such a good game? Because of sponsorship and fear of reprisals, people go along with the charade and go through the hoops necessary to play golf and “get back to normal.”

Where is the golfer with influence who is standing up to this tyranny and protesting this lockdown by noncompliance and telling the truth about the lies behind it?

Do they not know? Am I somehow supposed to believe the entire golf world doesn't see what's going on is wrong and evil?

The PGA Tour started this week with the Charles Schwab Challenge at the Colonial Country Club, and the rules they have to abide by are so ridiculous I can't stand to hear them all. All I know is the game of golf has been defiled and it has taken away the ideals of the game needed to truly enjoy it properly in the larger golf world. I and many others will remain with our dignity as golfers, protesting any scared behavior making our game a laughing stock of ninnies and pansies scared of the flu!

No on-premises spectators, social distancing, wiping flag sticks down, COVID tests before rounds, etc. This is bad news people, and for what? The PGA Tour isn't scared of the flu, they are scared of the tyrants in charge of their bank accounts and the ability to function freely or at all. For instance, what would happen if the PGA Tour would have made a stand when the lockdown began and decided not to close down – to be a Sweeden in the midst of every other sport lemming running toward and off the high cliff?

Even if the owners, commissioners, directors, managers go along, where are the players who are willing to risk their sponsorships in order to speak the truth and have a real voice to really make a change! They have the influence to make a difference of truth in a world of lies, yet they don't have the knowledge, heart, or conviction to go against the all-encompassing tyranny closing down on our freedoms and rights by deception and lies.

I work as a greenkeeper at a large well-known golf resort, and we have had to undergo a shutdown and ridiculous measures mandated by our insane governor and the complicit and directing powers to be. For instance, the players can't take out the flag anymore and there are no rakes in the bunkers, also there is a piece of foam at the base of the flags in the cup, so they don't have to reach down inside and catch the deadly COVID virus – AH!

How about trying to make greenskeepers and caddies wear masks! Yeah, right, give me a break, are they trying to kill us even before their mandated toxic vaccines of death!

Masks are well known to cause illness if worn for prolonged periods, so why are people being required to wear them to reopen their business, etc.

There are many holes in this plandemic skit by the Jesuit theater production group, headed this time around by Fauci. Leading actors, Trump, Pence, Burke, Cuomo, Newsom, and Pelosi, with many supportive roles, including the ever-helpful useful idiots! They couldn't do it without their help you realize, the silent opposition and the useful idiots are too many, those with a voice of integrity and smarts are being censored into oblivion...

Of course, I'm not totally surprised, and maybe there is some golfers and golf industry people speaking out in some manner, yet it hasn't run across my radar in the news, either golf or secular. John Daly would say something, but maybe he doesn't understand what's going on?

The Shark? Black Knight? The Bear? Tiger? Azinger? Miller?

Anyone in the golf world want to speak out and tell the truth?

At least blog about it or say some Tweets, this coronavirus hoax is a crime against humanity, brought in by deception and lies by people with a nefarious agenda, obviously. Let the chips fall where they may, just like we let the ball fly and land how it may after our shots. Maybe with enough people of influence speaking out, there can be more freedoms for everyone, especially those in critical conditions in vulnerable positions in society – those we have to look out for as fellow citizens and humans.

When I play golf, I take out the flag to putt and I like to rake the bunker as well as I would like to find it if I was unfortunate enough to land in it (this has happened a few times). As for golf tournaments, there should be people there watching as usual with no more precautions than the seasonal flu used to warrant.

Don't get me wrong, I love the game of golf, but I'm ashamed at the golf world in general for their cowardice in this matter. Here is the chance to stand up and fight the good fight like all the courageous golfers we love did back in the day, but no, the golf world is silent as the rest of the defiled sports leagues and organizations, players, etc. The sports world is being controlled by sponsorship that aligns with the NWO and the same lies being played out as the COVID-19 plandemic and hoax.

We've let them shut down our Majors for the first time since WWII, make us look like dogs at the dog show with their new normal rules we must follow to “reopen” from their tyrannical lockdown order, created to mitigate a threat that's not even as deadly as the seasonal flu, if it even exists at all. Where is the isolated scientific proof for Certification of Vaccination ID-19 (COVID-19) virus?

All I know is,

These bastards are ruining our world and game, and I'm asking, what are we going to do about it golf world?

I hope most of all, you will find Jesus Christ is the ultimate truth; the message of the Holy Bible is the truth and way to life eternal with a loving creator. I hope you find this to be true.


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