Watch: Amazing Highlights of the 2022 Betfred British Masters

First known as the Dunlop Masters from 1946 until 1982, then the British Masters, held until 2008, then back again in 2015 until the present, this prestigious European Tour event now called the Betfred British Masters had an amazing and unbelievable finish. 

The course is called The Belfry, it is 7328 yards, par 72. Golf courses keep getting longer, yet the equipment and balls keep getting longer too, not to mention the amount of people playing is producing longer hitters. Still, this is a tough course with some good distance to navigate, I think I've seen it being played on the Europro Tour, a 3rd tier mini-tour based in England.

Olesen had an up and down day, while Ramsay, unfortunately, fell to the choke factor on the 18th hole and put it in the water. The ups of Olesen were good enough to place him one stroke on top with some amazing and even unbelievable putts. This type of putting is what makes golf and sport interesting, as it shows more than a technique, it is a certain focus and fate, it is unexplainable, yet amazing to watch the best golfers in the world get in this type of rare zone. 

Way to roll it Olesen!


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