Watch Bobby Jones "How I play Golf" (1931)

Over 90 years ago, laid-back Bobby Jones created a classic golf instructional video -- before these were a thing. As you'll see, he is really good at golf, maybe the greatest golfer of all time in some people's minds. Watching his swing will explain why he was so good, and then he will explain how he does it! If only it were as easy as watching this to then play like he did, yet it won't hurt for trying. 

The tips of using the massie, the massie-niblick, and the spoon are helpful and give us a taste of the lingo that defined a golf-era long ago. Looking at the bigger picture, formal golf as we know it only started in 1860 with the first British Open or The Open as it is known now -- this really isn't very long ago from now and especially when this video was made. 

Wanted to share this because it is helpful for our games; while Bobby and I may disagree with Catholicism and likely Freemasonry (if he was one), I respect his amazing game and fine character. If only his tournaments were filmed like they are today, we could have seen some amazing feats from this era of unique golfers who popularized the game and cemented the respect for the game in the hearts of American golfers for years to come.   


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