Watch "Million Dollar Golf Swing" George Knudson Documentary

George Knudson was another great golfer from Canada in the latter part of the 20th century. His contemporary Moe Norman was another notable Canadian golfer. This is a great documentary on this relatively obscure golfer; George made his claim to fame on Shell's "Wonderful World of Golf" television series in the 60s and 70s. Back then, golf on television was very limited, only showing the last few holes usually on Sunday. This series highlighted the world's best golfers at the time in one on one matches with other greats of the time -- this gave the fans a more personal look at their favorite golfers. 

Like Moe Norman, George was sort of a golf philosopher, always working on the swing, making it quiet and consistent. If only George was as good of a putter as he was a ball striker, then he would have been a household name in the world of golf with Major wins to his credit. His strong grip and inside-out swing made golf look easy, which is something good golfers tend to do. 

Considering Canada is frozen half of the year like it is in Oregon where I'm from, it is amazing how many good golfers have come out of Canada. My favorite currently is Mackenzie Hughes who will likely win a major before too long like his countryman Mike Weir did in 2003 at the Masters -- the only Major win for a Canadian golfer ever. 

Unfortunately, George didn't live a long life, dying in his early 50s from lung cancer that spread to other parts of his body. If only George knew of a natural cure, yet the medical establishment made sure he and others didn't know of the many cancer cures available at the time and at the present. His golfing ability will be remembered, as one of the best ball strikers ever to have played the game, which is saying something. Let his swing and efforts at golf inspire you to play and swing better. 



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