Watch: "Billy Horschel wins 7th PGA TOUR title | Round 4 | the Memorial | 2022"

Congrats to Billy Horschel for winning his 7th PGA Tour title at the Memorial Tournament this year 2022! Although Billy hasn't won a Major yet, he has won some very high-profile tournaments, including the Tour Championship, the WGC Match Play event, and now the Memorial tournament hosted by Jack Nicklaus. 

Sounds strange to me (being 43 YOA) that Billy would be considered an older player on the Tour now at only 35 YOA! I have to face reality though and admit, I'm getting older when the younger players for me are now the older players on Tour and all those who were babies when I was a young adult are now the main hot shots on Tour -- don't worry though younger players, soon enough you will be the older players with some even younger upstarts coming to fruition. 

Billy's win here shows how older players can dominate with their crafty games and valuable experience. Billy is a streaky player, so watch out for him the rest of the year. In an interview after the win, he explained how his wife and children haven't been present for any of his wins, so this time when they were present was very special to him, even helping him get the "monkey off his back." 

Bravo Billy, way to play and keep it going!


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