Watch: "Dustin Johnson confirms PGA resignation during LIV Golf press conference"

The LIV Golf league might just be the future of golf despite what the PGA Tour and the purists want. The format for the fans and the money for the players are both huge factors in why this Saudi-backed alternative professional golf league promises to rival the popularity of the PGA and DP golf tours. 

I find it intriguing how this is developing and despite being a purist, I find myself looking forward to this new way to watch and play professional golf. Shotgun starts, 54 hole tournaments, 4 man teams, and drawing from players around the world are all exciting reasons why the LIV Golf Tour is likely to become widely popular -- also, that it will be streamed on digital platforms rather than cable, this will resonate with the younger generations even more. 

While I appreciate the PGA Tour and its traditions, I also have lost all respect for the tour when it shut everything down for the seasonal flu and then proceeded to enforce testing, etc. For this cowardly act, I'm glad another tour is rivaling it. I'm sure LIV Golf would also comply with Covid insanity, so it's not that I think it is morally superior, esp. considering it is backed by the Saudis. The fact is though that the PGA Tour is backed by the Rothchilds, which happens to be the same central bankers backing the Saudis -- so it doesn't matter, it is all wickedly derived money.

The Majors are great, yes, and they will have to allow those who play on the LIV tour to play in them if they don't want to lose all their fans. As for the Ryder and President's Cups, who cares, patriotism to central banks is stupid folly anyway -- I could never stand these tournaments with all the drinking and pride, etc. 

I say bravo to those players who are brave enough to play in this new league despite the threats of the PGA Tour. Not only do I think it is good to break up the monopoly, but I also believe this new tour will become the future of professional golf. The Majors will also be important, but this league will become more popular than the weekly tournaments sponsored by all the wicked elite with their corporate names on them -- the Shriners tournament is especially wicked. 

I had mixed feeling about this one, but I'm now excited to watch this new form of golf and glad that Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson are going to be there along with other notable golfers. Get ready for the future of golf starting this weekend, ready or not!



  1. “Seasonal flu”? Stfu

  2. Don't worry they have a experimental toxic death shot for the seasonal flu, just trust the government, they wouldn't lie would they...


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