Watch: "Final Round | LIV Golf Invitational London"

How would you like to watch some of the best golfers in the world play golf for free on YouTube? Well, LIV Golf offers just this, as you can see above, the entire rounds from the LIV Golf series are free to watch for all. This is a nice change from the corporate sports world that blocks us from viewing entire rounds because of all the cable rights, etc. For someone like me who doesn't have cable, nor subscribes to any streaming services, being able to watch golf like this is awesome. 

LIV Golf is great and it will only get better. The team format, the shotgun starts, the way they have the scores and show the golf is all different and fun to watch. One thing that makes me want to watch LIV Golf more than the PGA Tour is the way the PGA Tour has handled this new golf league. Essentially, the PGA Tour has met its match and is scared they will be made irrelevant because LIV Golf has more money to offer players -- supply and demand. While it is OK for the PGA Tour to suspend players from the Tour that play in LIV Golf, it also is petty and greedy. It shows fear and insecurity...

Remember, the Rothschilds and their worldwide central banking system they run for the AntiChrist Papacy, funds both the PGA Tour and this new Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour, so there is no higher moral grounds to reach, especially when the PGA Tour shut down over the seasonal flu as well as mandating testing and other COVID measures. In other words, the PGA Tour is a stooge of the NWO, as is likely the LIV Golf Tour, yet they haven't yet shown their fear of the seasonal flu yet. 

I'm glad the PGA Tour is being disturbed, they have had a monopoly for too long on the game of golf. I do appreciate the traditional format and the Majors, yet the Tour otherwise is nothing but a corporate marketing campaign devoid of reality and true people able to speak their minds. Essentially, the PGA Tour is as much part of the Beast system as this LIV Golf Tour, except they are making a big stink about this new tour, acting as though they are some pure form of golf, some moral form, haha. 

I hope all the major players leave the PGA Tour and start playing in the LIV Golf series, so then the PGA Tour can come back down to earth and realize it doesn't own the golfers that play on its tour. Bravo to Mickelson, Johnson, Perez, Reed, Gooch, Bryson, and all those who took the leap and stood up for freedom, despite the smear campaign waged by those who want to control the game of golf to its detriment. If the PGA Tour would have just allowed its players to play where they want when they want, this wouldn't have been a big deal, yet now everyone can see the PGA Tour is the problem and soon its popularity and dominance in the game will evaporate...I know it has with me and many others already.

Have fun watching some golf for free! PGA Tour move aside, a new Tour is in town!


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