Watch: "Cameron Smith wins The 150th Open Championship | Final Round Highlights"

The British Open or The Open as it is called today was held at St. Andrews this 2022 year and Cameron Smith the Australian won the tournament and the official title of Champion Golfer of the Year. This is the first Major for Cameron who has come of age lately playing the best golf of his life. 

This was an extra special Major this year being the 150th Open and being held at St. Andrews -- and with the backdrop of coming out of the coronavirus hoax the last couple of years, which actually shut it down in 2020. That's right, everyone was too scared to catch the flu or the cold to play that wonderful year of fun and games. Hey, at least they didn't denigrate the game by playing without fans like they did at the Masters, sorry DJ, it was strange. 

Other noteworthy comments, the R&A decided to be snobs and self-righteous pricks when snubbing the greats Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson, both former champions of this particular freemason celebration. Heck, it hasn't been the same since Peter Alliss passed away anyway, in 2020, may he rest in peace and God have mercy on his soul. 

The reason for the snubbery? Oh, the R&A and the PGA Tour have gotten all bent out of shape over the LIV Golf Tour, banning and fining players left and right with self-righteous vigor. It really was ugly when the popular Phil and Greg were told they can't eat at the Champions dinner and go to the 150th celebration/memorial -- only good golfers who do everything they are told get to go. To Phil's credit, in the interview tent he showed dignity and tact about the issue, something that can't be said about Tiger and the R&A freemason boys. 

While I might speak negatively about those who think they run The Open, fate had its way when an Australian won the tourney (Greg Norman was vindicated). And, although Rory, the ever faithful PGA Tour golden boy almost won the day, it wasn't to be, as the Champion Golfer of the Year always goes to the one who has the most heart. The U.S. Open always goes to the best golfer, the Masters to the one with the most nerves, the PGA Championship to the one who is the most steadfast, and The Open to the one with the most heart. Bravo Cameron, you definitely have the most heart and it couldn't have been won by a better golfer and person. 

Now, time to join LIV Golf and have some real fun. 

I have to say, this was an awesome tourney despite the snobbery. 




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