Watch: LIV Golf 2022 Team Championship | Finals | October 30

What an exciting final day at the LIV Golf team championship! This golf league is definitely only going to get more popular next year, watch out PGA Tour, you have met your match and more. It would be better for the PGA Tour to recognize how awesome this new format and league is and to partner with them, rather than act like they have with the banning, snide remarks, and superiority complex. LIV Golf is the future of golf at the top level, at least for as long as this world last. 

As a golf fan who has played the game since 1991 and watched the game for just as long, this new league and format is the most exciting golf I've watched besides the Majors, and maybe even more than the Majors. Next year with the full 14 events and probably even more top players, LIV Golf is going to easily become the favorite league for golf fans. 

Right now, the league has 48 players and 12 teams; I predict this will grow to 60 players and 15 teams. It would be cool if they had a formal seniors team, full of guys at least 50 years and up in age. The Majestics are nearly there, but really only Lee Westwood is in his 50s -- and he almost won one tournament, playing very well along with another 50-something Phil Mickelson. 

As for this tournament at Doral, the season finale, competitive golf doesn't get much better. I was hoping to see my favorite team the HY Flyers do better, but there was plenty of storylines to root for. The Four Aces barely won the tournament after some late heroics from team Punch, most notably the real world number 1, Cameron Smith with a -7 under. 

Team Smash and the Stingers did great to get to the final day, yet they faltered in the end leaving the competition down to the Four Aces and Punch. This was a real team effort, as all four scores counted on the final day. I think having all four scores count on the last day of every tournament would also be a good change for next year. 

I haven't even watched the highlights for the last 3 or four PGA Tour events, especially when LIV Golf has been playing. The PGA seems so boring compared to this new league and format, they are really in trouble next year, especially when some more top players come over to LIV. Three months off until the first event in 2023 and I'm looking forward to this more than even the Majors -- and if the Majors don't allow the LIV golfers to play in them, I won't even bother watching them anymore. Bravo Norman and fellas, bravo! 


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