Watch: Lucas Black, Robert Duvall | Seven Days in Utopia (Free Full Length Movie)

The bad part about movie reviews is they often tell you too much of the story. Instead of giving away the plot and ruining the movie-watching experience for you, I'll instead let you watch the movie. 

I'll just add that this is a good golf movie for golfers and non-golfers alike. Robert Duvall is a great actor and Lucas Black does a good job as well. The town and the scenery are a bit like a utopia, except for the negative character every movie needs to create a good plot. 

While golf is on pause in the world due to winter and the short off-season for pro golf, don't forget that in no time the links will be back up and running (for those in the north, me included) and the golfing fever will be here again. 

2023 promises to be interesting with the LIV Golf tour's full schedule and the players being allowed in the Majors. Will they get world ranking points and what players will come over to their tour, we'll find out soon enough. 

For now, we can work on our mental game like the character in this movie, and hope this will be the lowest handicap year we've had yet. 


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