Streakers and Drunken Idiocy Define the New PGA Tour


After seeing two stories over the last two days about the Waste Management Phoenix Open involving drunken degenerate idiots, I have to conclude this defines the new PGA Tour. 

The 16th stadium hole at the WM Phoenix Open had to ban bottles from the rebellious children, as they were throwing them on the course like the idiots they are. Now, a streaker, a man in a speedo, is doing pole dances on the flagstick to everyone's seeing delight as they wave their satanic salutes. 

Heed my advice Christian golfers, don't have anything to do with the PGA Tour anymore. After their behavior towards LIV Golf last year, showing their peevish snobbery and ugly controlling greed, their tournaments are turning into disrespectful drunk idiot games. 

I thought this was a gentleman's game? 

The irony is the PGA Tour has been acting self-righteous towards LIV Golf, as though they uphold the traditional game and values, lol. Does the traditional game include drunk idiots poll dancing on the green and throwing beer bottles onto the course for "fun."

I thought just enjoying the nice day in the sun and watching golf was the fun part. Since when is tournament golf all about getting wasted and having games to play on the sidelines? 

What a bunch of shameful crap the PGA Tour represents now. 

At least LIV Golf doesn't pretend to be traditional. I haven't seen any streakers at their tournaments and they like to provide a family atmosphere. 

Then I see an article the same day, today, comparing Tiger Woods to Jesus! The prolific fornicating adulterer is now Jesus!

That is the culture of the PGA Tour for you, represented by Golf Digest. 

I honestly don't even want to watch or keep track of the Majors these days, if it has anything to do with the PGA Tour, the operation stinks like something defiled and dead. 

Maybe I'll watch some LIV Golf if they don't sell out to attract the same group of drunken idiots. Or, maybe I'll start following the Hickory Stick Open and watch their tournaments. 

This world is going to hell quick and the golf world has become a carnival of drunken, wicked, sold-out idiots. 

These highlighted stories this week prove this to be true. 

Stay away from this worldly influence Christian golfers. It will only defile you and hinder your walk with God. How can we support this type of thing in any way and call ourselves Christian?


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