Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Watch: "LIV Golf Invitational Bedminster | Final Round | July 31, 2022"

Watch the entire final round of the Bedminster LIV Golf tourney without commercials! Wow, this is the type of golf coverage I've been dreaming of, as I don't and won't ever pay for cable television. Not only this, but these tournaments are exciting, everyone is playing at the same time, and everyone has some reason to play besides money, that is to help their team win or at least threaten to win. 

Matthew Wollfe and the Hy Flyers (with Phil Mickelson) did this when he shot 7 under the final day and nearly took 3rd place away from Sergio Garcia's Fireballs. I have to say, this golf league is going to become very popular in the next few years. Of course, it is probably the NWO's new golf league, yet no more than the PGA Tour already is -- just now it is worldwide. Of course, there will still be room for the PGA and DP Tours, they'll just have to settle for 2nd and 3rd tier status, that's all. The Majors will still be relevant if they allow the LIV Golf players to play in them and offer world rankings to them, same with the Presidents and Ryder Cups.  

The story of this tourney was Henrik Stenson, the frank, humorous, and real dude from Sweeden. His win here really said something to the DP Tour as they recently stripped him from being Captian of the Ryder Cup-- can the R&A, DP Tour, and PGA Tour be more pathetic doing this? Give me a break, all they are doing is driving people to the LIV Golf Tour and giving themselves a bad name, as peevish snobs angry about their status being demoted. Well, get used to it, and taking it gracefully is already out the window. 

While I can't say I like the Club 54 theme and the loud music while they are playing near the clubhouse, everything else with the coverage and tournaments has been excellent and fun to watch. Now, Charles Howell III, Paul Casey, Jason Kokrak, and Bubba Watson are officially on the LIV Golf tour as well, awesome, these are some of my favorites. Just wait until Rory goes over, then the PGA Tour will have to concede and say, let's play nice Greg...will it be too late, will their reputation already be tarnished? 

If the world keeps going without a total NWO takeover, all these professional tours will still be relevant, the Majors will still be the main thing in golf, yet all this ugliness from the PGA and DP Tours will not be forgotten quickly (and the freemason R&A boys). In the end, LIV Golf will only increase the opportunities for more professional golfers to make a living. Bravo chaps, and bravo Henrik, you are my hero this week! Also, shout out to the all-American team the 4 Aces winning the team event for the second straight tournament; all of these guys are awesome, DJ, Reed, Perez, and Gooch who shot a 7 under to help catapult his team on the 2nd day -- a special bravo to the young Talor for handing all the negativity and playing like a champ, I like this guy!

BTW, I hope Bubba Watson goes to the Hy Flyers with Phil and Wollfe, my favorite team! Also, just wait until the FedEx Cup is over to watch the floodgates open for top players making the move to LIV Golf! I can't wait to see the meltdown at the golf channel!

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Watch: "Cameron Smith wins The 150th Open Championship | Final Round Highlights"

The British Open or The Open as it is called today was held at St. Andrews this 2022 year and Cameron Smith the Australian won the tournament and the official title of Champion Golfer of the Year. This is the first Major for Cameron who has come of age lately playing the best golf of his life. 

This was an extra special Major this year being the 150th Open and being held at St. Andrews -- and with the backdrop of coming out of the coronavirus hoax the last couple of years, which actually shut it down in 2020. That's right, everyone was too scared to catch the flu or the cold to play that wonderful year of fun and games. Hey, at least they didn't denigrate the game by playing without fans like they did at the Masters, sorry DJ, it was strange. 

Other noteworthy comments, the R&A decided to be snobs and self-righteous pricks when snubbing the greats Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson, both former champions of this particular freemason celebration. Heck, it hasn't been the same since Peter Alliss passed away anyway, in 2020, may he rest in peace and God have mercy on his soul. 

The reason for the snubbery? Oh, the R&A and the PGA Tour have gotten all bent out of shape over the LIV Golf Tour, banning and fining players left and right with self-righteous vigor. It really was ugly when the popular Phil and Greg were told they can't eat at the Champions dinner and go to the 150th celebration/memorial -- only good golfers who do everything they are told get to go. To Phil's credit, in the interview tent he showed dignity and tact about the issue, something that can't be said about Tiger and the R&A freemason boys. 

While I might speak negatively about those who think they run The Open, fate had its way when an Australian won the tourney (Greg Norman was vindicated). And, although Rory, the ever faithful PGA Tour golden boy almost won the day, it wasn't to be, as the Champion Golfer of the Year always goes to the one who has the most heart. The U.S. Open always goes to the best golfer, the Masters to the one with the most nerves, the PGA Championship to the one who is the most steadfast, and The Open to the one with the most heart. Bravo Cameron, you definitely have the most heart and it couldn't have been won by a better golfer and person. 

Now, time to join LIV Golf and have some real fun. 

I have to say, this was an awesome tourney despite the snobbery. 



Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Watch: "Final Round | LIV Golf Invitational London"

How would you like to watch some of the best golfers in the world play golf for free on YouTube? Well, LIV Golf offers just this, as you can see above, the entire rounds from the LIV Golf series are free to watch for all. This is a nice change from the corporate sports world that blocks us from viewing entire rounds because of all the cable rights, etc. For someone like me who doesn't have cable, nor subscribes to any streaming services, being able to watch golf like this is awesome. 

LIV Golf is great and it will only get better. The team format, the shotgun starts, the way they have the scores and show the golf is all different and fun to watch. One thing that makes me want to watch LIV Golf more than the PGA Tour is the way the PGA Tour has handled this new golf league. Essentially, the PGA Tour has met its match and is scared they will be made irrelevant because LIV Golf has more money to offer players -- supply and demand. While it is OK for the PGA Tour to suspend players from the Tour that play in LIV Golf, it also is petty and greedy. It shows fear and insecurity...

Remember, the Rothschilds and their worldwide central banking system they run for the AntiChrist Papacy, funds both the PGA Tour and this new Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour, so there is no higher moral grounds to reach, especially when the PGA Tour shut down over the seasonal flu as well as mandating testing and other COVID measures. In other words, the PGA Tour is a stooge of the NWO, as is likely the LIV Golf Tour, yet they haven't yet shown their fear of the seasonal flu yet. 

I'm glad the PGA Tour is being disturbed, they have had a monopoly for too long on the game of golf. I do appreciate the traditional format and the Majors, yet the Tour otherwise is nothing but a corporate marketing campaign devoid of reality and true people able to speak their minds. Essentially, the PGA Tour is as much part of the Beast system as this LIV Golf Tour, except they are making a big stink about this new tour, acting as though they are some pure form of golf, some moral form, haha. 

I hope all the major players leave the PGA Tour and start playing in the LIV Golf series, so then the PGA Tour can come back down to earth and realize it doesn't own the golfers that play on its tour. Bravo to Mickelson, Johnson, Perez, Reed, Gooch, Bryson, and all those who took the leap and stood up for freedom, despite the smear campaign waged by those who want to control the game of golf to its detriment. If the PGA Tour would have just allowed its players to play where they want when they want, this wouldn't have been a big deal, yet now everyone can see the PGA Tour is the problem and soon its popularity and dominance in the game will evaporate...I know it has with me and many others already.

Have fun watching some golf for free! PGA Tour move aside, a new Tour is in town!

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Watch: "Dustin Johnson confirms PGA resignation during LIV Golf press conference"

The LIV Golf league might just be the future of golf despite what the PGA Tour and the purists want. The format for the fans and the money for the players are both huge factors in why this Saudi-backed alternative professional golf league promises to rival the popularity of the PGA and DP golf tours. 

I find it intriguing how this is developing and despite being a purist, I find myself looking forward to this new way to watch and play professional golf. Shotgun starts, 54 hole tournaments, 4 man teams, and drawing from players around the world are all exciting reasons why the LIV Golf Tour is likely to become widely popular -- also, that it will be streamed on digital platforms rather than cable, this will resonate with the younger generations even more. 

While I appreciate the PGA Tour and its traditions, I also have lost all respect for the tour when it shut everything down for the seasonal flu and then proceeded to enforce testing, etc. For this cowardly act, I'm glad another tour is rivaling it. I'm sure LIV Golf would also comply with Covid insanity, so it's not that I think it is morally superior, esp. considering it is backed by the Saudis. The fact is though that the PGA Tour is backed by the Rothchilds, which happens to be the same central bankers backing the Saudis -- so it doesn't matter, it is all wickedly derived money.

The Majors are great, yes, and they will have to allow those who play on the LIV tour to play in them if they don't want to lose all their fans. As for the Ryder and President's Cups, who cares, patriotism to central banks is stupid folly anyway -- I could never stand these tournaments with all the drinking and pride, etc. 

I say bravo to those players who are brave enough to play in this new league despite the threats of the PGA Tour. Not only do I think it is good to break up the monopoly, but I also believe this new tour will become the future of professional golf. The Majors will also be important, but this league will become more popular than the weekly tournaments sponsored by all the wicked elite with their corporate names on them -- the Shriners tournament is especially wicked. 

I had mixed feeling about this one, but I'm now excited to watch this new form of golf and glad that Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson are going to be there along with other notable golfers. Get ready for the future of golf starting this weekend, ready or not!


Monday, June 6, 2022

Watch: "Billy Horschel wins 7th PGA TOUR title | Round 4 | the Memorial | 2022"

Congrats to Billy Horschel for winning his 7th PGA Tour title at the Memorial Tournament this year 2022! Although Billy hasn't won a Major yet, he has won some very high-profile tournaments, including the Tour Championship, the WGC Match Play event, and now the Memorial tournament hosted by Jack Nicklaus. 

Sounds strange to me (being 43 YOA) that Billy would be considered an older player on the Tour now at only 35 YOA! I have to face reality though and admit, I'm getting older when the younger players for me are now the older players on Tour and all those who were babies when I was a young adult are now the main hot shots on Tour -- don't worry though younger players, soon enough you will be the older players with some even younger upstarts coming to fruition. 

Billy's win here shows how older players can dominate with their crafty games and valuable experience. Billy is a streaky player, so watch out for him the rest of the year. In an interview after the win, he explained how his wife and children haven't been present for any of his wins, so this time when they were present was very special to him, even helping him get the "monkey off his back." 

Bravo Billy, way to play and keep it going!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Watch: Amazing Highlights of the 2022 Betfred British Masters

First known as the Dunlop Masters from 1946 until 1982, then the British Masters, held until 2008, then back again in 2015 until the present, this prestigious European Tour event now called the Betfred British Masters had an amazing and unbelievable finish. 

The course is called The Belfry, it is 7328 yards, par 72. Golf courses keep getting longer, yet the equipment and balls keep getting longer too, not to mention the amount of people playing is producing longer hitters. Still, this is a tough course with some good distance to navigate, I think I've seen it being played on the Europro Tour, a 3rd tier mini-tour based in England.

Olesen had an up and down day, while Ramsay, unfortunately, fell to the choke factor on the 18th hole and put it in the water. The ups of Olesen were good enough to place him one stroke on top with some amazing and even unbelievable putts. This type of putting is what makes golf and sport interesting, as it shows more than a technique, it is a certain focus and fate, it is unexplainable, yet amazing to watch the best golfers in the world get in this type of rare zone. 

Way to roll it Olesen!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Watch "Million Dollar Golf Swing" George Knudson Documentary

George Knudson was another great golfer from Canada in the latter part of the 20th century. His contemporary Moe Norman was another notable Canadian golfer. This is a great documentary on this relatively obscure golfer; George made his claim to fame on Shell's "Wonderful World of Golf" television series in the 60s and 70s. Back then, golf on television was very limited, only showing the last few holes usually on Sunday. This series highlighted the world's best golfers at the time in one on one matches with other greats of the time -- this gave the fans a more personal look at their favorite golfers. 

Like Moe Norman, George was sort of a golf philosopher, always working on the swing, making it quiet and consistent. If only George was as good of a putter as he was a ball striker, then he would have been a household name in the world of golf with Major wins to his credit. His strong grip and inside-out swing made golf look easy, which is something good golfers tend to do. 

Considering Canada is frozen half of the year like it is in Oregon where I'm from, it is amazing how many good golfers have come out of Canada. My favorite currently is Mackenzie Hughes who will likely win a major before too long like his countryman Mike Weir did in 2003 at the Masters -- the only Major win for a Canadian golfer ever. 

Unfortunately, George didn't live a long life, dying in his early 50s from lung cancer that spread to other parts of his body. If only George knew of a natural cure, yet the medical establishment made sure he and others didn't know of the many cancer cures available at the time and at the present. His golfing ability will be remembered, as one of the best ball strikers ever to have played the game, which is saying something. Let his swing and efforts at golf inspire you to play and swing better. 


Monday, May 2, 2022

Watch Bobby Jones "How I play Golf" (1931)

Over 90 years ago, laid-back Bobby Jones created a classic golf instructional video -- before these were a thing. As you'll see, he is really good at golf, maybe the greatest golfer of all time in some people's minds. Watching his swing will explain why he was so good, and then he will explain how he does it! If only it were as easy as watching this to then play like he did, yet it won't hurt for trying. 

The tips of using the massie, the massie-niblick, and the spoon are helpful and give us a taste of the lingo that defined a golf-era long ago. Looking at the bigger picture, formal golf as we know it only started in 1860 with the first British Open or The Open as it is known now -- this really isn't very long ago from now and especially when this video was made. 

Wanted to share this because it is helpful for our games; while Bobby and I may disagree with Catholicism and likely Freemasonry (if he was one), I respect his amazing game and fine character. If only his tournaments were filmed like they are today, we could have seen some amazing feats from this era of unique golfers who popularized the game and cemented the respect for the game in the hearts of American golfers for years to come.